Baby, It's Windy Outside

I'M WEARING>> Top: H&M x Coachella// Skirt: H&M// Boots: Tout a Coup// Bag: Zara// Sunnies: Shibuya, Tokyo// Sunnies: Forever 21

Sigh, Macau's summer has been a weird mesh of hot, humid, sunny weather, and stormy tantrums in between. Needless to say, after my tiring, all-day all-night weekend trip, I am beyond exhausted. But life doesn't end, it just goes forward, so here we are. These pictures were taken just a few hours before Leon was to go back to his hometown again, return date TBC. After this we had lunch, then I went back to work. Talk about anti-climactic, right?

Anyways, let's go to my outfit of the day, instead. Haha, how breezy is this top right? So cool. I like that the criss-cross in front is quite subtle than my other scrappy tops, and it was cute with this skirt. Just such an easy breezy look. Don't worry though, I wore a jacket at work. Too much décolletage for the office. Hahaha.

Sigh. Finally Friday tomorrow. I'm just planning to chill this weekend, and maybe get some more shuteye. So what do you think of this outfit darlings? Let me know! - Che



  1. You look so cute in this colour combo! xx

  2. GORGEOUS top! And I love the skirt and shoes as well!

  3. OMG that top though!! Ahhh, I love love love it. Especially with how you styled it. The print on this skirt is fun, and your mirrored sunnies definitely give this a very cool-girl edge <3

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  4. That top is so cool and you look very chic!


  5. Your top is gorgeous. Pretty outfit. Kisses :)


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