I'M WEARING>> Top: Topshop// Culottes: GU// Heels: Forever 21// Sunnies: Zalora HK// Choker: Stradivarius

Quick weekend update for today my darlings. It's been a while right? Well...yeah. I know that but nope, this time we're not going there. Only happy thoughts. I went swimming today. Tee hee. I think I went about two shades darker, but that's not a problem for me, I love my tanned skin in the summer. Swimming, good beaches, a tan and sunshine is basically all I like during summer. I hate the heat. I felt my face melting off while taking these shots, and that's after 6pm. Ugh.

I miss winter. I'm sorry to all my summer-loving readers, haha. But I hate this season with a passion.

Anyways, this outfit, don't worry, since it was the weekend, I was actually in more accessible sneakers, but I thought these heels perfected the summer princess look I was going for, hence the quick off-screen switcharoo. As much as I love these shoes, it's too irritable for summer. Haha.

This top is the perfect example of an unlikely basic. I have worn it countless times since I bought it. Amazing. It was on sale and already worth the investment. Love.

I'm ready to enjoy my weekend all throughout till Tuesday. So I'll see you soon my darlings. - Che



  1. I love the summer lovin' posts because I love summer lol. And this look is so summer! I love the print on the crop top and those white culottes :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  2. This outfit is very pretty and perfect for Summer. Your top is very cute :)

  3. Haha love that you're so honest about the off-screen switcheroo with the shoes - I swear, all of us fashion blogger do that xD You're right though, those heels look gorgeous and totally complete this look! Loving that print top too <3

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  4. Love your outfit! Simply stunning!



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