Summer Romance

I'M WEARING>> Top: H&M// Trousers: Uniqlo// Boots: Forever 21// Choker: Stradivarius

I think I went back to spring in this outfit, but I couldn't help it with these beautiful, romantic shades. I wore this to work, hehe. But anyways, things have been going fantastically lately, and it's been a I'm grateful for these couple of days.

Macau has been super hot lately, and you can really start feeling the full extent of the summer sun, so my clothes have been getting smaller and with lesser fabric. Sigh. I really am not a fan of the heat. Everyday I just wanna chill by the pool or in a fully air-conditioned room. No outdoor activities for me. Major nope.

Anyways, I will be in even hotter territory when I make my way to Manila next week. But I'm planning to have so much fun, and share as much as I can with all of you! So I'll see you soon darlings, enjoy your weekend! - Che



  1. Send some of your heat to us! It's been max 70 here and I want my summer weather! This top is gorgeous on you! So pretty!

    1. Haha, thanks dear! I'm mentally sending you some sunshine and at the same time wishing for some cool!! ;)

  2. i loveee your pants so pretty

  3. i don't even know where to begin.. you are rocking all these amazing trends here!!! LOVE from head to toe!

    Have a great day!
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  4. Lovely combination! Pretty!


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