A Matter of Shape and Taste

Jumper: Taobao// Tee: Zara// Bag: Zara// Heels: local store// Bracelets: Forever 21// Sunnies: Ana Jeffrey


Yep. It's one of those pieces that you will either appreciate or not. First time I put this jumper on, I hated it. It felt so bad to spend 20 USD on something I may never wear. I thought the site I bought it from put up a fake advertisement because on the model it looked slimmer and shorter.

Then I wore it again. It was comfy, and the fit gave a slouchy, je ne sais quoi quality to my outfit. A lot of people I met in this outfit  (even my colleague who helped me place the order on Taobao) complimented me on it. Said colleague placed an order for the same one the same day =) I am still a little on the fence tho. The leg area does seem pretty big but making it tighter will affect the shape...I am considering making it into a skirt jumper, but I will wait on your opinions. Should I alter this into a skirt or leave it as is??

I am so damn tired nowadays. I've been night shift for five days...and had the flu at the same time. Medicine just made me drowsy. I think I stumbled home the fourth day because when I woke up five hours later, I was in bed and forgot how I got there. Hehehe.....but good news is, one of the major details of my upcoming vacation has been completed! Now all I have to worry about are some minor things - and my vacation wardrobe! Tee hee...I think this jumper is definitely coming with me.

So see you in better times,
- Che



  1. Hi sweetie! Thank u for the sweet words :) Ur beautiful and chic too! Following u on GFC, bloglovin and fb. Hope u will join my networks as well. Kisses

  2. Hey,
    great look. I love your sunglasses!


  3. Ahh you have such great style (original!) Love those sunglasses too (just like everyone else lol) xo

  4. Oh no, I hope that you begin to feel better soon! Hopefully you'll get rested up later this week--sometimes, just one night of sleep and a day of good eating will make you feel all new and shiny again.

    I'm digging your sunglasses and overalls--this outfit looks fun to walk around in!

  5. Get well soon! Maybe belting the jumper would change the shape temporarily when you don't want it as slouchy?
    xoxo Aimee

  6. looove this look!


  7. These overalls are amazing, and they look sooo comfy!

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  8. wow! i love these, they look so comfortable! hope you feel better xx

    a thousand million words

  9. OMG such overwhelming positive response :) I did not expect that..thank you sweeties!


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