Ice Cream Colors

Jacket: Tom Tailor (vintage)// Polo Shirt: CanTwo// Shorts: Pull & Bear// Heels: Mana// Necklace: Natkiel (borrowed from Carla)

OMG, I think I want to take back everything I ever said about cold, grey weather. It's so hot nowadays, and sunny, and humid - and stupid! But the good news is, photos are pretty, and I can pretty much wear shorts (my go to bottom of choice) everyday. Don't you like the pretty ice-cream colors of this outfit? Even my shoes look like ice-cream. I really like how these shoes make my looks so girly and pretty.

Actually, this look is probably one of the most unplanned outfits I've ever done. Even the necklace is not mine. Carla and I have not planned a shoot together (I mean, really planned and brought clothes for more than one outfit) in more than a year. It's just been so crazy and hectic nowadays that Leon and I can never get the time to shoot anything, so drastic measures have to be done...hey, at least I'm not slacking on this blog =)

And since it's summer now, I guess I can tell you where I'm going next. (Drum rolls please) Boracayyyyy...with Leon, and Carla, and Penguin. It will be a week of lounging on the sand, water sports, careless partying, and moving without a care in the world. Sigh...I wish I could go now. Right now, I don't want to wait another month anymore! I'm so psyched now that I keep looking at the travel guides, planning in my head and all those. And the resort wear shopping I will be doing this month, Ahhhhhh!!! Too much for me to handle. Too much, too I'll leave you this for now - Che



  1. pretty color
    great outfit :)

  2. Perfect pics!

    Christina Klein

  3. Have fun on your trip
    You look great I love your shorts :) and your right your shoes do look a little bit like ice creams x

  4. I love your shorts, I've been looking for a pair like that :)

    thank you for your super-kind comment on my blog, it means the world to me :)

    Love Holly xoxo

  5. Cute casual outfit! I love the mix of bold colors :) And those wedges are awesome...the shape is so unique!!

    Veloria in velvet

  6. Oh wow, you and Carla and your boys! What a fun vacation coming up. It'll get here soon enough, don't you worry.
    Love these fun ice cream colors together. Unplanned outfits can be some of the best.
    Also, thanks for the thoughtful comment you left for me. I'm glad you and Leon worked out, and you're definitely right. The lessons learned through past relationships can be invaluable.

    Trendy Teal

  7. I love the colors. ♥


  8. love these two bright colors paired together. works really well


  9. Love this pretty colour mix, you look fantastic sweety. Thank you for sharing your Cannes fashion insight with me. Wishing you have great week ahead!

  10. great colours combination!<3 cute:-)


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