Neon Comic

Tee: Pull & Bear// Skirt: local store// Bag: New Look// Shoes: Mana// Sunnies: Ana Jeffrey// Bag: New Look// Necklace: Natkiel (borrowed from Carla)


Okay, this is the outfit. A new neon skirt, a tee and sunnies. Yes, hot weather, so only the bare minimum on the outfit.

Anyways, as a blogger, we all know that what you see is not always what you actually get. I mean, being honest, I actually live in my flats most of the time, except when I don't. But everything I wear is my style - eclectic, clashy, and not at all plain. Just add heels. Okay so there was a time when it wasn't me I was blogging about (see my Odd Candy years) but I got over that. I could produce an outfit worth blogging while still looking like myself. So yep, this is all me.

If blogging has told me anything, it's to look, if not my best, good on a daily basis. I put a little more time choosing clothes, a little more time with makeup. I match my accessories to my clothes...blahdi blahdi blah...I know you guys do this too, we are bloggers, after all!

So tell me your blogging story, sweeties, or what it is you do, I love to hear your thoughts and ideas =)

See you soon,
- Che


  1. You look pretty, girl! Great pictures as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  2. I almost never wear neon colors but these pics make me wanna buy a skirt in that color. Take care che! ;)

    1. you definitely should :) It's so basic and fun! Thanks sweetie :)

  3. the colour of the skirt is amazing! perfect for spring and summer :)
    great look
    have a nice day ♥

  4. Hey,
    I love this outfit. Great color!

  5. Love the outfit. I do the same as well. Spend more time putting on makeup and I choose clothes that are unique or stand out.

    Feel free to check out my blog:

  6. great minds think alike! i wore my WW tee today as well! i love yours and that neon is awesome!


  7. aaww cute outfit. love the neon skirt! <33

  8. I'm loving that cool comic print top! Paired with neon, it adds the perfect pop

    Trendy Teal

  9. Beautiful pictures-they are amazing!
    Wish you a beautiful day.
    Love, Mona

  10. I think blogging has taught me to make the best of myself =)

    I love this outfit!

    Corinne x

  11. Great post! Lovely neon skirt
    Kisses from Miami,

  12. Love your neon skirt! :)

    I blog what I wear every day - would be too tiring having to dress up just for blog photos each day, haha! So I always share what I'm actually wearing :)

    Away From Blue

  13. Thanks for visiting my page. Love your outfit. Love how your tee goes well with your neon skirt. :)
    Following you now, hope you'll follow back. <3


  14. Amazing

    Christina Klein