Contrary to my previous weeks of monotonous working/day-off/working/day-off moments on this blog that probably made most of you snooze and ask to yourselves 'Chezka, did you marry your job while we weren't looking?' I actually had a jam-packed, eventful week this May. It all started with our little trip to China, where the weather was so bad I got a flu (that I still have now as I'm writing this). Then I spent a total of three nights in Sheraton Hotel - one because I booked it for Leon's parents, and then the other for my sister's 19th birthday. It was my present, well, one of my presents.

Then my boss, an awesome boss when he wants to be, haha! asked me and Joana if we were free to watch Taboo on my day-off =) Of course we were free! If not for this, I would never have watched the show. Our table was 7,800MOP (yes, gasp for a moment, because I did) - and we were just six people there. It was all worth it though - they were a great cast, shout out to Lucky Hell because she was so cool with all her tattoos and her sword-swallowing. My months should be more like this right? Busy and eventful. But summer's coming anyways, so I'm hoping there's more to come.

See you with a new outfit soon!
- Che



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    1. yes sweetie, it's in my sidebar links :) or you can go to it directly from here:

  2. This looks like such a fun and fashionable week :)

  3. It seems like you had loads of fun! and your boss seems like a nice guy! hopefully you'll find the time to relax in the summer, too much work is bad for you :D


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