At Sunset

Sweater: Stradivarius// Flannel: Uniqlo// Jeans and bag: Forever 21// Boots: Topshop// Necklace: local store

Dum dum was my day-off. Funny how most of my posts start like that, but so is life. I had the good fortune of it being at the same time as Leon's. We got to walk around, visit a CNY mini market (watch out for my next post) and have our usual thai food. At this rate, I'd have to bring him to Thailand someday :)

Anyways, I wanted an outfit I could actually walk in. No complicated anything. Since you dears may know by now that I have a thing for whites and plaids recently, well...tada! Why not put them together??? I was comfy and it's not boring.

Anyways, Chinese New Year will start soon, so this period is the inevitable calm before the signal no. 8 storm. During CNY, everything is closed. No banks, post offices, even shops. I've already seen our hotel's occupancy for said days. It's gonna be a massacre. Two years back, my family made the bad call of going to HK Disneyland because it was, well, open. Turns out everyone had the same idea. Not much in terms of enjoyment if all the waiting lines and restaurants and every hint of space are full. This year I plan to just work through it. At least it's triple-pay. Hahhahaha...maybe next year I'll drag my family somewhere they don't celebrate the holiday.

 I'd like to thank all of you who contributed to my last post. To say I'm conflicted is an understatement. But we'll see right? How about you, any upcoming holidays you are just dreading
Let me know in the comments! I'll see you soon, if I survive ;) - Che



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