Year of the Horse

Happy Chinese New Year, darlings!

Not much in terms of content today lovelies. I've been feeling under the weather lately, and today I'm in bed with fever.

But anyways, Happy Chinese New Year! nope, I'm not wearing the same outfit two days in a row, but Leon and I had time and wanted to check a flower market. Well not much flowers but there were some kitschy items on sale - yep, like my instagram pillow, because, why not?

I'm a year of the horse baby, but it doesn't seem like a very lucky year to start with. Oh well, we'll find out soon! Till next time - Che



  1. Hi Chezca! Lovely pics :) happy new year Chinesse I am horse un horoscope chinesse :)

  2. Get well soon!
    The instagram pillow is really sweet :D
    And happy chinese new year to you!
    Have a ncie day, I hope the fever went down :-*

  3. The tartan is really the trend of the year! Congratulations on your choices.
    Eni K.

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