Checked Cobalt

Coat: Me & George Vintage// Sweater: H&M// Skirt: local store// Chain and Bag: Stradivarius// Love Necklace: c/o Sammydress// Wedges: Asos

Call it the lucky find of the month. I found this coat while waiting for my sister try on some vintage denim jackets. Yep, when I wasn't supposed to be shopping. But it was 80HKD, a perfect checked print and warm...when I picked it up I did not dare put it down anymore. Paired it with my electric blue skirt for a good dose of color. The weather is so gray and depressing, couldn't help countering it with some electric brights.

Anyways, I was three days into my overnight shift, which is why I was looking a little haggard. I had to wake up earlier to meet up with Carla for a little interview for a magazine. No news yet on whether or not it will reach print so I'll update you when I'm sure...hehehe...other than that, life has been slow and chill. I haven't felt this detached from the living world in a while. If only overnight shifts didn't affect your health and sleeping patterns so much - I'd probably request this shift more than any other. No fuss, no annoying guests, just me and a few easy tasks. I really have zombie brain right now, I don't know if anything's making sense. So I'll see you soon when I'm in a better condition. See you soon - Che



  1. Yup, I am loving that checkered blazer with the accenting blue skirt. So chic yet edgy-cool, just like your style ;)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. nice look, the blazer is my fave piece :)

  3. Haha, hilarious as always Che :P. Always making sense, even during your graveyard shifts girl! And still looking cute and pretty.. no signs of graveyard shifting whatsoever.
    Absolutely LOVIN' the jacket, great vintage find! Did I tell you that I actually upcycle vintage for a living, well, it's more like a little something extra I do on the side. Anyway, looking adorable!


    ✿⊰✲⊱✿⊰✲⊱✿ Lucia Flores Diary ✿⊰✲⊱✿⊰✲⊱✿

  4. Wow, love that blazer!

  5. Hi dear!!
    This post is so amazing, just perfect like always :)
    Come to see mine, and my new post "Don't care"


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