One of the Boys

Jeans and turquiose cross bangle: Forever 21// Sweater: Pull&Bear// Jacket: Bershka// Bag: Stradivarius// Boots: Topshop

Slouching it up in boyfriend jeans my boyfriend would never wear. Ahhh...boyfriend jeans. One of those wardrobe obsessions I've had for a long time. On one hand, everyone I've checked wearing these looked so good. On the other hand, will it go with my short height and chubby body? Well? What do you think? Also, it was really hard to find ones that fit perfectly. They either fit my waist perfectly but were tight on my legs (like skinnies), or rapper-style, loose legs and loose waist, if one was going for the below the butt look. Forever 21 solved that (and the cost) problem. I asked Leon if he would ever consider wearing these jeans because they are 'boyfriend' jeans, but he made a face. Meaning no. But no matter, I find them awesome all the same.

Anyways, the sun finally came out to play. But it doesn't mean it's warm. I've been living in this shearling coat almost all winter. I decided stubbornly that I would not be buying that Uniqlo feather down no matter how warm it is, because almost everyone in Macau is wearing one. You could count how many people at a given time are not wearing the feather-down. There was a queue at Uniqlo during their opening! Seriouslyyyyy...a queue.  So this shearling coat is my next best, and probably for the best, thing. 

Ugh, I still have a cold. It just never goes away. I wish I had more to offer you on my life, but honestly, it's been mostly work and home lately. But I am starting to reconnect with my family, and that's a really good thing. So maybe going straight home is a blessing after all - tell that to my highschool self, she would've scoffed. Bxxch. Hahaha! Anyways, see you soon! Would you ever consider boyfriend jeans? - Che



  1. I've always loved this shearling coat you have! Great jeans too.
    Also, thanks for the feedback on my SAD post ;)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

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  3. I know the struggle of finding nice fitting jeans, since I'm on the chubbier side as well. I dare say you look awesome in these ones! I've always wondered if the boyfriend jean was the right type for me, but seeing you looking this good in them, I wanna buy a pair ASAP!


  4. Consider? I live in bf jeans! They are so comfy, I work with them all the time, the best thing to wear in my studio while designing, no skinnies for me at the work floor hehe.
    Anyway, looking gorgeous as usual! These bf jeans look great on you, so cute!


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