On Che - Sweater and Bag: Stradivarius// Turtleneck: Roxy// Jacket: Zara// Beanie: Pull & Bear// Boots: Timberland// Ring: Natkiel

 On Leon - Varsity: local store// Puffer Jacket (inside): Crocodile// Jeans: Cotton On// Bag: Jansport// Boots: Timberland

So, this is what he bought me for Valentine's...Timberland Boots. Heavy-duty worker boots. We've been talking about buying these for a while now. I love them, they're tough, and are built to last forever. I was planning to wear a skirt with them for the first try, but it is cold beyond belief nowadays. Even in this much clothing, I was still cold. We kinda look like we're going hiking, right?

Anyways, In celebration of Valentine's Day, I thought it'd be a great time to gush over one person who doesn't nearly get much mention on my blog, Leon. Sure there's a mention here and there, a shot of him with his back turned or something, but what do we know about this boy who made Style.Che possible? Well, here are 25 facts about Leon (because well, I like number 25 for some reason heheh)

1. He's Chinese - 100%
2. He only has one type of coffee (no matter the country or climate): a hot grande latte with one sugar
3. He smokes sometimes
9. He's so fussy. My mom says he's girlier than I am. I agree.
10. He loves photography. He had his own photography blog.
11. His favorite food are baby back ribs, and dimsum.
12. He hates chocolate.
13. His music is mostly english.
14. He's obsessed with Jordans. But he hates it and has talked himself out of buying more times than I could count.
15. When people ask me how we met, I tell them God gave him to me on a red carpet
16. He asked me to be his girlfriend on a mall escalator. Because he was accidentally invited to my mom's birthday party and wanted to buy my mom a birthday present.
17. He lives in a six storey house with only his parents.
18. His fave Philippine food is sisig, dinuguan (basically pork blood dish) and ube (purple dessert)
19. He can drink shots without any chaser.
20. He's the cutest drunk you will ever meet. Hint: ask him to pay for everything. He       will.                                 
21. He has really bad eyesight. But sometimes he will take off his glasses anyway. 
22. He's afraid of rodents.
23. He once stared directly at my disgusting haircut and said in a straight face 'it's cute, I like it'
24. He's 8 out of 10 on my dream guy list.                                              
25. We almost met somewhere else. I had already just applied to study in guangzhou university, but my mom didn't want me far away. He already had his approval for guangzhou university, but decided to go to macau instead.

I was writing this with a smile on my face. Anyways, I hope you know more about my photographer now. I know it's not really important knowledge, but he is a big part of me and so are you. 

Ugh, I hope I didn't make you sleep with my melodrama, hopefully I'll be able to wear a more inspired outfit with these boots soon =)



  1. Stunning photos!! Boots <333
    Bjs, http://bsaccani.blogspot.com/

  2. Great photos and great blog! You are a beautiful couple!
    Thanks for your comment in my blog!
    Kisses from Spain!

  3. Beautiful photos! Your blog is beautiful, I follow you :)

  4. I think its so cute how you guys now have matching shoes :)
    But how can he hate chocolate?! :o
    Sierra Calah ♡ Berry Stylish  

    1. I realized that when I bought him chocolates and he proceeded to feed them all to me :P I can't understand it either

  5. Aww, this is so sickeningly cute ;)
    Haha, this is a great post Chezka, love the list you compiled! Just shows how much you love him haha
    And YES, ube! <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. A perfect look!
    The pants are very cool and I love the boots!

    A greeting!

  7. Cool casal look! Love your Timberland boots :D And you guys look so cute together!


  8. Hehe, no I didn't fall asleep hun! So nice to know more about your bf, you mention him from time to time. So cute how he asked you to be his gf. And those Timerland boots, aaahh, those are so cute!! Hell no my bf will wear them, boohoo.


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