HKFW '14 | Less Glamour, More Streetstyle

For the upscale streetstyle brand, I.T., featuring 5cm, Mini Cream, Musium DIV, and Izzue HK, the scene was less glamour and more streetstyle. There was a flurry of sneakers, combat boots, big hats and general attitude.

First, Carla and I hit the Beauty Bazaar in the Prive Club in Lan Kwai Fong. Got some makeup advice from YSL beauty! (Thank you Karry Mok). Also, check out the amazing handmade jewelry by Carmen Chan! You can see her other pieces here.

Then we head to the HKCEC for the I.T Fashion Show. Check out these awesome kicks.

The I.T. show was made up of four mini brands - 5cm, Mini Cream, Musium DIV, and Izzue. These are four very different aesthetics, sweeties! Ranging from cutesy to a little scary, the shows got 'em all. Check them out below:


 Okay, so a little quirky. Ninja Boy anyone? Oh, after I checked out instagram, I found out that the girl above is a HK personality, Kelly Fu. Go figure!


Probably the cutesiest collection of the four, and my favorite =) I was so into the metallics, over-the-top platforms and super cute accessories. I got socks from them, whoopee!


Another HK personality, as told to me reverentially by a colleague at work. All I know is his instagram is @punkhippie

Probably the most intimidating show - don't you just get a sociopathic killer vibe? But another favorite. You lovelies know I love me a great leather jacket and loads of studs! But no ski mask. Maybe not.


They focused on lived-in pieces and comfort. Really cool vibe with a hippie feel. Can you feel the love?

Coat: Asos// Top: Motel// Trousers: Forever 21// Boots: Doc Martens// Bag: Stradivarius

All in all a great insight into HK streetstyle. This is my outfit - I did feel a little under-dressed because I was supposed to be in heels. But it was okay - everyone was in combat boots.

Which show do you like best sweeties? Let me know in the comments! See you soon - Che



  1. Such cool clothes! thanks for sharing the experience :)

  2. The last 2 shows look really amazing and so inspiring! I, too, love a leather and studs look ;)

    1. Hi Gigi, nice to see you're back on blogger! I know right - I love leather =)

  3. love these pics.. you look really nice!!!!


  4. Great post ! Your style is very elegant, I love your pants and your coat is beautiful :)

  5. Love your Outfit!!
    And the jewelry :)


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