HKFW '14 | The Finale

So, on our last day, Leon and I decided we didn't want to spend our day (and his birthday!) inside the fashion week venue. So off we headed to Causeway Bay, planning to wait an hour in line for 'famous' ramen noodles. After an argument out of hunger and the fact that we were waiting for ramen noodles, we had a quick lunch and walked around. I had a quick fix at Forever 21, and he checked around for Timberland boots, which are his current shoe fixations. I can't believe we pulled off these shots in the middle of crowded Causeway Bay, HK's shopping mecca! But we did. Oh lovelies, let me introduce to you these trousers. Yep, they are track pants (the ones you jog in) of the sequinned variety. I never thought I'd see the day, but they were comfortable though they did itch a bit.

Jacket: Pull & Bear// Shirt: Uniqlo// Track pants, Bag and Necklace: Stradivarius// Booties: Giles for Nine West

On Leon - Jacket: Zara// Jeans: 21 Men// Sneakers: Jordan 3 (Joker)// Scarf: gifted

On our last day in HK, Leon and I decided we needed a little time away, a little R&R before the last event. The HK Fashion Week saved the biggest for last, and I have my first FW horror story to tell.

See what I mean with saving the biggest for last? Yep, the Vivienne Westwood show. I cannot believe we got to watch it! Yes, okay, so I was standing in the rafters with the other media people, but still, Vivienne Westwood. For SS'14 she mixed her usual tartan and artistic pieces with an asian flair. I mean, that's the vibe I felt. Almost like geishas with florals and floaty fabrics, mixed with the British accents like tartan and structured shoulders. Very couture, to say the least, and a completely different point of view. You can see Ms. Westwood like to have fun with her clothes!

I left ten minutes before the show, my feet dying from standing in heels. I was so ready to change into my flats, which I stored in the locker, and then make a run for the ferry terminal to reach my overnight shift. Well, that didn't happen. I found out that to retrieve the items, I had to pay another 20HKD in fivers. So there was I, with my useless 20HKD bill, asking every staff in the complex if they had change. Feet blistering, they tell me to walk all the way across the overhead pass to a 7-11 store. Okay fine. I get there as fast as I can hobble, the people from the show staring at me. Maybe it was the tears in my eyes, or my more-unkempt-than-usual hair. Leon was already in the terminal waiting for me with our luggage. Finally, after getting snubbed and then insulted by the 7-11 guy (pfft) I finally get my shoes out of the effing locker. Poise gone, sweating badly, makeup ruined, I finally reach the ferry terminal thirty minutes after. It was a harrowing experience! I still can't look at the booties above without making a face. Lesson learned? Don't expect people will help you. Stay calm and help yourself. And bring coins. Lots and lots of coins even if they're a hassle to bring. You'll never know when they'll save your life. Talk about ending on a bass note (very low). But all in all, my experience was a good one. I met lots of people, had lots of fun. I hope you enjoyed HK Fashion Week through my pictures. And I'll see you soon! - Che



  1. Rock and chic. Such a perfect combo! Love it babe :) ♥

  2. By listening to your story I could really feel for you! I can just imagine how uncomfortable you were! At least you got your shoes and all is good now! The Vivienne Westwood show sounds like a dream! You looked fabulous! Love the edgy jacket!


  3. great photos! I love it!
    So perfect!

    xoxo van

  4. Great jacket and cool shoes!

    I hope you will visit my blog:

    and maybe follow if U like.

  5. Sorry to hear about your ordeal people sometimes can be so mean. The fashion show look fab. :)


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