HKFW '14 | 2% Moiselle

To make sure we could head out to more shows for the next two days, Carla and I decided it was time to book a room. So we stayed at the Butterfly and watched both the 2% and Moiselle show.

So, in the afternoon, we headed for the 2% Fashion Show, another HK streetstyle brand, which was girlier than that of the edgy I.T. show (You can view that show here). So, another four mini brands within one - 2%, Miffy for 2%, +-x÷ Homme and WIP. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery before I can take pictures of the two last shows. But no matter, you can check them out here. I was content just sitting down and watching the show like a normal guest, but when the Miffy mascot came out and started dancing with the models, that was it. Blogger-mode was back on.

Us with the sweet guys we met during the IT show - Archelmis and Charles Wong. It was really great to meet you guys!

Marcel Nguyen - pro athlete

Coat: Vintage// Sweater: Pull&Bear// Skort: Zara// Bag: MNG// Hat: Monki// Boots: Giles for Nine West

That same night, we came to the Moiselle Fashion Show. Like the name suggests, out came pretty dresses in florals and pastels, and twosies ala Chanel in different colored material. The models were chic-ed up in oversized frames and pointy kitten heels and platforms. The whole thing was like a French Primavera painting. Eventhough super ladylike isn't my style, I was coveting the pink kitten heels and tweed jackets. I tried to look girly in my skort, but I think I failed miserably. Oh well.

After the festivities, we changed into more comfortable clothing back at our hotel, and headed out again to celebrate Leon's birthday at Lan Kwai Fong. Can you believe my boy is 24? Well he can't either. But it didn't stop him from celebrating to the fullest, paying for dinner of one humongous slice of pizza, nachos, buffalo wings, some cocktails and shisha. Hhahahaha...stay tuned to see my haggard face in the next post =) See you soon - Che



  1. Looks like SO much fun and your outfit is fab!

  2. Love that jacket! I envy you for being there!!! XO

  3. Amazing pictures, but what I enjoyed the most was actually your outfit. Love the coat.
    Also thank you for your lovely comment in my blog :) If you would like to follow each other, let me know. Keep the good job!

  4. fantastic <3
    invite for
    if you'd like it, follow me;)

  5. chic look!!!
    looks like this was such a huge event!!! awesome style! :D

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