I Spy Henry Lau

Be as inspired as I was talking to a real fashion designer from HK, the sweet Mr. Henry Lau. See that interview below:

F.B:  How long have you been in the design trade, Mr Lau?

Mr Lau:  I have been doing this for twenty years, so I'm not new anymore.


F.B:  Why did you choose fashion design?

Mr Lau:  Actually, I was going to take Fine Arts. I really love drawing. I was planning to go to France and draw. But my parents told me that maybe it wasn't the most practical course. Fashion Design is a business and an art. I can still use my creativity.


F.B:  So, for your SS'14, what was your inspiration in designing this collection?

Mr Lau:  I'm always inspired by movies. I try to first make a story - like, this collection was inspired by Hollywood glamour - and then base my collection on that. So this collection revolves around how an innocent, naive girl becomes Hollywood glamour.


F.B:  What is your current favorite movie?

Mr Lau:  I really like the Hunger Games movie (me too!). How it mixes horror with all the glamour.


F.B. Each deisgner has a trademark, what can you call your very own trademark?

Mr Lau:  I like details that add glamour, like beading and embroideries. I put it on jeans. I like to put those details in streetwear. 


F.B:  How do you find inspiration season after season?

Mr Lau:  I communicate a lot with people, like friends, colleagues. It's not always about fashion, but maybe something like interior design, products and art. I hear what they have to say, try to process it and make it something workable to put into my collection.


F.B:  Final question, what is your advice for aspiring designers? 

Mr Lau:  My advice?  Be yourself when creating a collection. Don't just chase and rehash the trends. Be confident in yourself and think about what you want.


To say I was a little tongue-tied would be an understatement. Fashion design has been my dream for as long as I can remember. His show was as he said, very old Hollywood and glamourous. You can visit Mr Lau here. So, did you enjoy reading about a fashion designer? Tell me in the comments below! - Che



  1. Wow lucky you for being able to do that!

    Some of his creations are amazing, so I can see why you were so happy to meet him.

    Hmm maybe...

  2. Hey Che! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!
    Love this look! That hat is so chic!
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend love.



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