HKFW '14 | Coffee & MAC Sessions

Makeup, coffee,fashion, leopard and hat = Perfection

Meet the sweet Filipina blogger, Ms Krisha of Manila-Hongkie Girl. Check her out!

The Makeup Demo by MAC

With designer Henry Lau - super down-to-earth and nice (Interview soon)

Hi sweeties! How are you? Well, let me tell you about my day in Hong Kong (by myself) to attend an event for the upcoming Hong Kong Fashion Week of 2014. I may not have been able to go with Carla during the preview - was at work! Boo! But I didn't let anything stop me from joining the two events which happened to be on my day off, no, not even strong winds blowing at me.

Leon couldn't come with me, so I went at it alone, in Hong Kong, where I acted like a complete tourist.

First stop - The Fashion x Coffee Event and DIY Workshop at the Pacific Coffee Emporium in Causeway Bay. Bloggers, local designers and press gathered over coffee and DIY totes made by the talented designers: Henry Lau, Pacino Wan and Hidy Ng. We got to make our own too, everything provided by the event. I would probably have been super out of place if I didn't meet Krisha. She was such a sweet girl, it felt good to know someone, whew... after the first one, we then took a tram to Admiralty to Lab Concepts.

MAC! Oh my MAC. The second event was a makeup demo that will be done for the event -  the looks ranged from a dewy, minimal look to a high fashion night out look. Now I can't wait for the fashion shows. Oh my gosh sweeties, can you imagine? Me in a fashion show. I don't think I can keep the cool, je ne sais quoi look. Will be too busy ogling around like the noob I am! Well, see you soon! - Che


For more information, you can check the following websites below:

If you got the chance to be there from the 13th - 16th, I'll see you =)



  1. Such a nice events Che! And oh my, you look so pretty. Especially in the first pic, it's ridiculous hihi. Have great weekend sweetie!


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  2. Amazing event! Lovely snapshots as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

  3. Great post! Love your look! Lucy

  4. I adore Mac products but sadly we don't have them where I live :( Love your outfit and hope you had fun :) xo

  5. Lovely photos! It looks like a great event hah, looking forward to seeing more on your blog<3
    Would you be interested to follow each other? Do let me know!!


  6. I see your blog for the very first time and I'm impressed! You're a pure beauty and your style is just incredible. I'll be your guest more often!:)

  7. Fab pictures, lovin these pants!


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