HKFW '14 | Fashion Extravaganza

I had the great opportunity to be at HK Fashion Extravaganza. Check out all the pictures and general awesomeness below:

Beanie: Pull & Bear// Coat: Vintage// Sweater and Bag: Stradivarius// Skirt: c/o Persun Mall// Shoes: Asos//

The Designers and their Collections:

Collection: Amaya Arzuaga of Spain (Follow her at @AmayaArzuaga)

Collection: Masha Ma of Shanghai and the lady herself - in the white shirt (Follow her on @MASHA_MA)

Collection: Spy Henry Lau of Hong Kong, Check out my interview with him here.

Collection: Ms Calla Haynes from France (Follow her on @callaparis)

Boy, it's been a while, hasn't it? I've been trying my best to get these photos up in time, but there's only one me, and that one me just wants to sleep after a long day. I will never resent my fave bloggers for not posting regularly during Fashion Weeks ever again. But, I have something to compensate that, photos worth a week of posts about the local Hong Kong fashion scene! It feels so great to be here, ogling at the amazing designs and some noteworthy streetstyle.

So, first things should I explain HK's fashion scene to you? Well, it's a notable mix of east and west. You will see here some local staples like flatforms, overly-studded items, and out of this world prints mixed with fur and diamonds. Over-the-top in a good way would be a good way to describe it because they also have that confidence to pull it off. The Fashion Extravaganza is the first big show, featuring four designers - Amaya Arzuaga, Calla Haynes, Masha Ma and Henry Lau. All four shows featured a different aesthetic, different vibe.

The show started with Calla Haynes, of Paris. Her spring/summer collection was a collection of playful pastels and prints. I was dreaming of a perfect summer in the french countryside, riding my bike with a picnic basket. Then came Amaya's collection. A mix of hard and soft, with structured tops, floaty dresses and amazing prints -  I want that spring coat!

Then, Masha Ma, who gave off that urban city chic look. Those long sleeved cropped shirts, cutout coats, and pencil skirts, just amazing. Finally, Henry Lau from HK, who went old hollywood with long gowns with unique, intricate details. The models floated, like butterflies..The menswear was a bit off  for me though. I think it's just me, but I rather my men wore a tux and bowtie. Like the third guy in the picture above. A guy in a sparkly suit for me is a big turn-off. Well, to each his own =)

Sigh...It was a great experience. We got up close with some famous Hong Kong faces. Had our pictures taken during the after-party. Drank champagne and ate canapes, and just had fun. There is so much more sweeties, but I leave you this for now! - Che



  1. What a great collection dear!


  2. This is too awesome! You went to the Hong Kong Fashion week, i'm jealous.

  3. AMAZING! your supper lucky I hope to have that experience too :)

  4. what a fun event to be a part of! Love your look. That coat and beanie are awesome!

  5. What a great event, Surely you enjoy it :)
    Love your coat hunn,


  6. Ahhh, I just saw Carla's post on this - you girls are so lucky! That is one amazing event to get to attend :D

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. Perfect style ! I love your cute beanie and I love your coat. You are beautiful :)


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