Orange Chill

Sweater: Pull & Bear// Shorts: Asos// Wedges: Asos// Sunnies: Stradivarius// Bag: Forever 21// Necklace: gift from sisters// Lipstick: MAC Scarlett Ibis

Always one to mix-match, Che matches her lipstick to her shorts. Inspired or just blegh?

Orraaannngeeeeeeeeee. Orange made this outfit, right? The key to wearing orange, I believe, is taking everything else in relative. A cropped grey sweater and touches of black keeps it from becoming a costume. Oh and a big chunky necklace, for that finishing touch.

It was a simple morning. Leon and I both had work in the afternoon, hence time to take some pictures and have brunch. I chose to wear a simple combo that packs a punch, with these orange lace shorts, and bright lips. I'm not mad, darlings. In case you're wondering. This is my game face most of the time. I'm not the most photogenic person, and a poker/grim face seem to work best with me in pictures.

Anyways, after our mini shoot, we walked around, trying to find somewhere to eat. Then Leon remembered that I had been wanting to check out the place we had seen months before. I just saw lights on a rooftop, and of course I assumed it was a restaurant. Turns out it was a restaurant! Chill Cafe. What looks to be a new fave hideaway. Not much people, and a roof with a view. Not bad. I couldn't help taking these shots, trying out all the seats, finding a good spot for some spontaneous photo ops. The food was simple, but good. Next time I'll try the coffee. All in all a great way to start a long day. How about you sweeties, find any good places lately? Let me know. See you soon! - Che



  1. Love the colour of your shorts, such a cool relaxed look! xx

  2. Totally did make the outfit! I love the pairing of orange and grey! Great way to spice up some neutrals!

  3. love this outfit gorgeous!! that food looks hella good too haha!

  4. You look marvelous. Love the sweater and the lace shorts. I prefer bloggers with a poker face btw :D. I haven't found any good places lately but my sister has. A sushi restaurant! I'm going to check it out soon!

    xx Mira

  5. you look great. and i also like your photos of the location. looks like a cool place

  6. Precious shorts and necklace, pretty place too. Thanks for your visit.

  7. That is a bloody fabulous contrast. Love it. Awesome pics as well.
    Thank you for your lovely comment in my blog my dear. If you would like to follow each other, please let me know. I'll be happy to!

  8. Hey Che! How are you? Always looking splendid! I love orange. Too bad it's my countries color, so I can't wear it too much unless we are playing the European or World Cup haha, I'll be looked at strange :).

    Oh, and Happy New Year, a little late hehe, but wishing you all the best for 2014!


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    1. Hahaha, Lucia that's too bad...I could wear orange a lot! Happy Belated New Year sweetie =)

  9. great outfit !! love the shorts and the necklace <3
    what about follow each other?
    let me know :)
    have a nice day!

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