Urban Cowgirl

Dress: Asos// Necklace: Forever 21// Hat: Pull&Bear// Bag: Stradivarius// Mules and sunnies: H&M

Work on a Saturday. That's what I paid in exchange for my wonderful H&M date.. It was so worth it, though. These are the days where I just can't even. So what do you wear when you can't even? A dress. Shoes you can just slip on. A structured, grown up bag with your notes and tumbler. Sunnies. Voila! That's it. I couldn't even with the hat, and it ended up like a prop, lying limp in my hands. At first I didn't like the length of this skirt. It was a bit too long to be flattering for me. But it is, right? Anyways I realized that it was work-appropriate like this. Perfectly easy and smart-casual.

I have been on the quest for the perfect Mules for a while now. Yes they were actually quite divisive at first, but the fact that you just slip your feet in (no straps or zips and anything like that) was too good to pass up. When I saw this pair at H&M, my heart leaped. Nude, perfectly pointy, and vegan leather. Yes, the mules of my dreams were finally mine. At first, I couldn't find my size, and that made my heart dropped just a little bit. I made a round in low spirits till I decided to go back to the shelf and try again. Wouldn't you know it but the shelf was actually just messy - The sizes were all jumbled, The size 41 pair I tossed aside was actually made up of one size 41 and one 38. And so this love story has a happy ending. After that it was just a matter of going to the counter, finding someone to help me get the price (it wasn't on the merch), waiting 15 minutes for said salesperson, waiting another 15 minutes in line - and whew, finally, they were mine. Hahahaha...true love...

So do you like my denim dress + mules look? Would you wear denim to work? - Che



  1. Love the simplicity of this dress and it looks great with those shoes, so chic! xo

  2. love your hairrrrrr,so beautifuuuuul:)

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  3. Your shoes looks nice...thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Oh the drama, I'm glad you finally got your hands on the perfect pair of mules :) Love how you styled them with the denim dress here!


  5. Wow chica!! Looking fab!! I wear denim to work all the time... well, there's nobody watching me in my studio, so I can wear whatever I like :P. Those shoes are insane... love!


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    PS: forgot to congratulate you both with you new car :P... enjoy!!

  6. Working on a Saturday sucks but this outfit is amazing! I love the shoes!


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