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Well, I just cleaned  my PC during this gloomy, dark weekend, and guess what I found? A rare good shot of me and my three sisters last year. Most of our pictures are selfies or have one person missing. So imagine my delight when I found this in my PC. And so today, all of a sudden, I wanna talk siblings.

I am blessed to have the kind of relationship I have with my sisters. We are too close, as if there's such a thing as 'too close' right? We know each other's secrets, hopes and fears, even unspoken thoughts. My closet is basically a free-for-all for them. We made a pact back when I was in highschool to never hide who farted when we were in the same room. Yes. A fart pact. We have insulting nicknames for each other that would be so unacceptable if someone else said it. And we have a rocking good time all the time. You should see our facebook feed exchanges with each other.

Do I ever wish I was an only child? Hmm...sometimes yes, because we do have our moments. But really, most of the time, no. What I lacked in material things and ease growing up I got in laughs and fun times. Everyday I wake up and I'm happy they exist anyway. I'm never alone, or lonely. All I have to do is call one of them to keep me company. I'm never sad, because they're there to talk to. Oh and I have the best support system in the world! Between my parents and them, I have a cheerleading squad who will always cheer my successes and hold my hand when I fall. Yes, what I'm saying is, these girls are basically my life. Hahahaha...oh I hope they don't read this though. If this post gets deleted, you know why.

So do you have siblings? Annoying, irritating, fun, loving siblings? As always, let me know! - Che



  1. Love reading more personal posts!
    I have a younger brother and he annoys the heck out of me sometimes, but what can you do haha. I wish I had a big sister, let alone three.

    xo Elena.

  2. That is awesome. I have many siblings and they are everything. Love them to death.

  3. adorable :) I'm glad I have a sister, although we do have our moments, too.
    Rathana ••

  4. What a darling photo! Came out so perfect!! I need to clean up my computer, too!! Lol

    All the Cute
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  5. Che, mah girl, how have you been!! Oh my, catching up today! Hope you are well hunny!!

    Pff, siblings, wouldn't want to miss them! I have two brothers and one little sister.. also very very close. My siblings are my best friends, the good part, you can argue, discuss anything.. and it's all good...I love that! This pic is amazing! I was just talking to my dad yesterday we should do a siblings shoot again soon.


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  6. Oh, what a lovely photo of you and your siblings. Laughter is always good for the soul. Have a great week. x /Madison
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