Jacket: 21 Men// Tee and bag: Zara// Jeans: Pull&Bear// Boots: Monki// Bar necklace: local store// Long necklace: Asos//  Sweater (around waist): Veeko

Yes, apparently I hashtag post titles now.

I've been having a very interesting couple of days. First an impromptu HK shopping trip I did by myself. Yes, darlings, all by my lonesome. No one was available to come with me, but actually, it was very refreshing. I got to do what I did best at my own, in my own slow pace. Weirdly enough, I came back to Macau with a surprisingly short haul - just these perfect booties at Monki, and IT by Alexa Chung. I devoured the book in the hour I was sitting in the ferry home. It was a mishmash of stories ranging from her love of dinosaurs to fashion. It was so very oddly compelling - I felt like we were just two BFFs, tucked in with cigarettes and wine, playing a game of 20 questions. Super fun and weird.

I've started being very spontaneous about my outfit choices. All white is always a great mix, add in Leon's olive bomber jacket, and killer booties - with that thin white stripe that makes all the difference in the world. The sweater I was wearing inside the jacket was for warmth, then decided to make it part of my outfit to break up the whites. Oh and my perfectly circular bun, the easiest way I do to hide my bad hair day after a night of too much drink.

Leon and I decided to spend the day doing blissfully domestic things - groceries, dinner, and then tuck in at home to an amazing movie - Locke. Who has watched this movie? I couldn't look away.

So, does my circle bun suit me? What do your everyday outfits look like? See you soon, - Che



  1. I am in love with those shoes!
    Sometimes it is really nice to have some time alone while shopping^^
    Have a nice day ♥

  2. This outfit is super cute, I'm obsessed



  3. Military can be a hard thing to pull off, but you do it really well. The little details really do make all the difference!

    You're pretty brave to go shopping alone. I like time to myself but I feel weirdly exposed when wandering around a store by myself. XD



  4. Gahhhh Che, come dress me please!
    You always look so amazing, and I'm getting bored with my wardrobe -_-
    Haha, and yes, a perfect bun hides all! ;)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

    1. If I'm ever in your side of the world, I will call you hahaha!

  5. Love the booties you picked up on your shopping trip! They look awesome with your outfit! I do think the bun suits you! It looks really cute!


  6. I'm so in love with your military jacket and booties. In regards to shopping alone, I actually prefer it since I like to take my time.My day-to-day outfits usually consists of a jeans and T-shirt or highwaist pants and loafers. It's nice to see another blogger based in Macau.
    Princess Audu

  7. You look wonderful dear!




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