Double Coating

[Photos by: Krystelle Cenon]

Coat: Asos// Jacket: Forever 21// Shirt: Uniqlo// Skirt: Girls on Film// Wedges: c/o Zalora// Bag: Zara// Earrings: local store

Sometimes one coat is not enough. Macao's weather has been so sucky these past couple of days, and it's been cold and wet. So, no more of those spring-like outfits I've been doing lately, and say hello to the two-jackets trend, inspired by a new fave blogger - Margaret Zhang of Shine by Three.

It was a simple look, and I think I looked a little haphazard. Well, that's because I went through an outfit change, since I had something important to do that morning. But a girl always loves to look a little shiny, so I made sure to wear my shiniest skirt to add to large amount of basic layering. It adds a little pizzazz, doesn't it? I love the asymmetrical cut of the skirt. Also, my pretty double pearl earrings, which I've looked for, for weeks. Ironically I found them in the last place I thought I would ever find them - in China. I got them in pink too!

So, I know most of you are from places much colder than I live in, so have you done the double coat trend? I really want to try two trench coats soon. So see you? - Che 



  1. Adorable outfit!


  2. I love your camel coat with the leather sleeves. The weather is finally starting to warm up here, so I'm hoping that soon I can put away my heavier coats!

  3. Oh I am loving this layered look and amazing coat with leather jacket. You look amazing. Mel

    New post up

  4. I think you could just throw on a bag of plastic and you would look amazing! How is that even possible :D
    Like, every outfit of you is so perfect! I love your style so much!
    Have a nice day ♥

    1. Wow, Minnie, that is a super generous compliment! Thanks so much =)

  5. I love the double jacket look on you! Whenever I try this out it looks too bulky :( The silver skirt adds the perfect amount of pizzaz :)


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