Under my Umbrella

Coat: vintage// Tee: Pull & Bear// Shorts: Asos// Shoes: Stradivarius// Ring: Natkiel// Umbrella: local store


Rain. Sunshine. Rain. Sunshine. It's a vicious cycle, like our climate cannot decide on one thing. This time I landed on a dark, showery gray day. Enough light for pictures but not by much, and a little rainy but not so much. So I had to bring an umbrella - what Leon calls an old-lady style umbrella. Well, he says old I say vintage!

Anyways, outfit-wise. A little mix and match with what are probably the worst shoes to wear on a rainy day, which are my studded suede flats. I had to tiptoe and watch where I'm going the whole time. But we didn't stay long anyways. Just a usual day with lunch, errands and what-not, in orange shorts.

Life-wise, well, what can I say other than change is that one constant in life? Don't you agree sweeties? But not all is bad. I just finished one of my longest errands. I changed my passport from a Philippine one to a Macau one. It was a very big and pivotal decision for me. And it's done! Weeeeee! Just in time for planning my next trip too =) Oh, I just watched 'Up in the Air' on a local channel. It wasn't sad per se, but it did make me sad. I don't know what about it, but it just seemed so on-point with me right now. I hate it when movies make me sad, but at the same time I love that they make me think. So, how about you loves? How's life with you?

- Che

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  1. Oh I love the outfit!
    Shoes are adorable!

    Are you on twitter? Im on twitter.com/workxtine and

  2. Oh, Up in the air is such a great movie!
    Love your outfit, those shoes are perfect!

    Much love,

  3. Love the leopard coat with those cool shorts!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. This leopard coat is adorable and your shorts are very cute.
    Have a lovely weekend sweetie :)

  5. Such a gorgeous coat! it looks perfect with the orange shorts!


  6. i know how you feel about rain-sun-rain-sun cause it's pretty much the same here in hk :'( anw i love your shorts and shoes. have a nice weekend! xx

  7. I love your flats