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Jacket: Asos// Tee and jeans: Zara// Wedges: Nike// Bag: Nessa// Sunnies: Stradivarius// Necklace: Pull&Bear

A simple outfit for an even simpler day.

It's funny, isn't it? What I consider a simple outfit is a little out there for others. Case in point, my dear friend, bless her, asked me why I always looked like I was heading to a photoshoot. Well, I was, in the most amateurish sense, hehe. But for me, this is a simple enough outfit for the day. Has this happened to anyone else? But it's not as if my friend said it in spite. It was more of curiosity of which I wholeheartedly understand. continues to be as sour as a lemon. I went out of my way to be nice to a guest, and he then proceeds to abuse my niceness. Let's just say I wound up paying a lot for that nice gesture - it was a rock and a hard place. The best option was to pay. But I suppose it ended okay. Just, if I see that guest's safe to say that in my head, I will strangle him. Whew...I'm just pissed off. I want to believe that people are innately good. I want to believe that there is a code of honor and that one good gesture deserves another. But some people prove me wrong, and it sucks. You know what my supervisor told me afterwards? 'Don't trust guests too much lah'...yep, so there goes that. No more trusting. Good gestures are for people who want their butts kicked.

But life is not all bad, I have good news too this time! Two, in fact. The first is, I have my passport! I am officially chinese...well, Macao-chinese. You should have seen me trying to read the declaration form in chinese. Leon couldn't stop laughing. And with that comes my second good news - I booked everything for my first trip of the year. Yes...the one I have been hinting at all winter. So as not to jinx it, I won't be telling you where as of now. But one hint - it's hot and it's gonna be fun! So see you soon? - Che



  1. belli i tuoi pant!
    nuovo post sul mio blog, ti aspetto su, fammi sapere se ti piace!
    a lot of kisses!
    Like a clown

  2. Very cool look! I'm loving the jacket!
    Congrats for your passport and have lots of fun in that trip!

  3. Hello, thanks for the comment on my blog. At the moment I can not follow the blog gives error as soon as possible add :)
    I love your look.


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