Festival Dress

Dress: H&M Divided// Jacket: Forever 21// Bag and Sunnies: Bershka// Shoes: New Look// Necklaces: Pull&Bear// Bracelets: Boracay// Belt: vintage

I never did tell you what I would pack if I was ever on my way to Coachella. That's not to say I'm going anytime soon, because just finding the time alone...well...it will take some time, but hopefully before I'm 30. Yes, definitely before I'm 30. Hehehe. Anyways, my creative juices are pumping strong everytime I see music fest outfits. All rules go out the window. Bathing suit tops, 70's bellbottoms, platform shoes, love love love. If I was going to Coachella, I would most definitely buy the most awesome 70's bellbottoms ever. I saw one on Natalie, from Natalie Off Duty - those were amazing!

Well, I will definitely have space for this amazing dress as well. Beautiful, isn't it? The dress that I bought for holidays last year and then proceeded to forget. Still beautiful right, and perfect because summer is coming soon. Also in this outfit? My gladiator flatform heels. Yep, for all summer activities =) Comfy and a little ugly, but so me.

I can't wait for summertime. Can't wait to going swimming, travel and bask in the hot sun. I also cannot wait to start complaining about something other than our bipolar weather. Oh well. Coming soon enough. So, till then - Che



  1. Gorgeous dress! Can't beat a bit of aztec. I wanna go to Coachella SO BAD... I think I'm also gonna set myself the goal of going before I'm 30!
    Helen at Hels Yeah! xx

  2. Great dress! love the jacket! :) xoxo


  3. I've loved seeing all of the festival looks too. I am a hippie at heart. I love this necklace! Too cute!

  4. Right?? Everytime Coachella fever goes around, I get so inspired with my wardrobe! One day I'll make it to the festival...sigh.
    This is Coachella perfection - I absolutely love this print dress!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. You look fab, girl! Love this aztec dress - it looks great with a black leather jacket and with those sandals! <3
    Rathana xo FabFashionaire.com

  6. That dress is something else! It's so pretty. The print and the colors = perfection! Plus, I love how you paired it with a leather jacket. Very cool and edgy <3


  7. Great dress:)


  8. Haha, I will definately not make it too Coachella before 30... I'm pretty close to it now unfortunately. Well, I'll make it there one day before 35 hehe. Daydreaming about what to wear to Coachella all the time here... Natalie is SO lucky to be there every single year, boohoo her!

    Love your dress and love the combo with the badass jacket, you look awesome!


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