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Topic of the day: What's in the bag?

Okay, short post today sweeties. I'm so sorry I've been behind on my updates, but that's life. I had no time, just no time. So for this post I decided I'm gonna do a little cliche but satisfying post. So, onto the topic, what's in my bag? I heard somewhere that you can tell a lot about a girl from the contents of her bag. Is that true? Some only bring phone, keys and cash - so carefree. Some bring their whole house - so...a person with a lot of baggage? Maybe not.

Anyways, I never can leave the house (but always do) without these stuff. Sometimes all of them, sometimes less, depending on the bag I have on then. Right now it's this Chanel-esque bag from Nessa. So, one by one -

* My Samsung S4 in this cute bunny case. Super important. Without my phone, I can't function. Call me cliche but it's my time, my music, my contacts. Also my standard Samsung earphones. Never been one for headphones I suppose - doesn't fit my bag.

* Sunnies. When it's sunny outside, you can bet a dollar I have sunglasses. The direct sunlight in my eyes give me headaches. This time it's these cute sunnies from Bershka.

* Wallet from Stradivarius. Another semi-permanent part of my being. My ID, cards and money are in here. Hell I can't even live without my bus card (yes, I'm that attached to my stuff). A little trivia? I've lost my wallet over 10 times.

* Perfume from Shiseido. I'm not particular to any one scent, but this one fits in my bag. Pretty floral scent, perfect for summer.

* Hand sanitizer. Raspberry scent. That final solution for accidental dirt and grease.

* Mascara, bright lipstick and eyeliner. The only makeup I will ever need. I've given up powder and a lot of unneeded makeup, but these three I can't leave without. The lipstick and mascara are from Maybelline, the eyeliner is from a Japanese brand.

* A book. I almost always have a book in my bag. Someday I will be bored. I will need something to spend the time. Right now it's Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

And that's it, yep. What I would almost always have in my bag. So, sweeties, what do you think that says about me? What do you think it will say about you? So, time to discuss. Let me know in the comments! See you soon - Che



  1. cute bag :)

  2. Nice peek inside your bag! These type of posts are always so cool. Love seeing what everyone keeps on them.
    That quilted bag is certainly chic!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Aah I know this feeling when you just have no time and this sucks concerning blog posts ;)
    That's a good topic - I have similar items in my bag; a lipstick and my mobile phone are a must :)
    Rathana xo

  4. Even Mascara and eyeliner are essential for me.


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