Jacket: c/o Choies// Tee: Zara// Skirt and boots: Stradivarius// Necklace: Pull & Bear// Sunnies: Bershka// Bag: Nessa

Meet my last-ditch effort at an outfit shoot. I wore this outfit with the notion that I would be able to get a shoot taken within the day, which, of course, was not possible. So tada! The best I could do. Eventhough it was nighttime, the sunnies were part of the outfit, so I left them on. We took these quick shots at a Four Seasons corridor, and then went to the festivities below. It's become so difficult, I think. At this rate, I'll be needing a tripod and a steely sense of determination. Well, it's worked so far for my dear friend, Carla, so I don't see why it would be a problem. Who of you has done self-photographs? Can you give me any advice or tips to make them good?

Anyways, meet Carnevale Macau! A flashy event with lights, good music, and free photos. One day I swear I will visit a real Carnevale, most probably in Brazil, but today is not that day. I thought it lacked heart though. Just a shallow gathering with recycled props and costumes. It did not convey the electric vibe you'd most probably get at the real thing. But seeing as how Macau is nowhere near Brazil, well, all is forgiven. Gives us a chance to leave the house once in a while. Outfit-wise? Well, black, white and a blazer which is a combination of the two. Yep, my blazer from Choies is back! Still fit as good I could remember. I find the outfit to be a little like Cher Horowitz meets Beetlejuice. Hahaha, two movies of the 90's I would watch again and again (among others). Well, is it more Cher? Or Beetlejuice? You decide. So, see you soon - Che



  1. Hi Che!
    Great look love the jacket with stripes. I'm currently trying to do self-photographs, too. It's not working out perfectly yet but I'm still practicing. Overall it is so much more work :/ Hope it's getting better.
    Rathana xo

    1. Thanks for the insight Rathana :) Yeah it's gonn be tough but a girls gotta do what we gotta do! Thank you for the insight, you're so helpful

  2. Fabulous pictures ! I really love your jacket beauty. You are very chic :)

  3. Oooh looks fabulous!
    I love your striped blazer by the way, it's perfect :D

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Fabulous pictures ! I really love your jacket beauty. You are very chic :)

  5. Love that jacket!!

  6. nice post really like your blog!!
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  7. Really looking great!
    Nice blazer.
    I am your new follower.


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