Little Boy Blue

Coat: H&M// Sweater and trousers: local store// Bag: Nessa// Boots: Stradivarius// Necklace: Pull & Bear

I don't know if it's the haircut, but I am digging the boyish look for spring.

Dang, it's hot nowadays. Spring and sunshine has been a semi-permanent fixture in our sky, which is a good thing, but it does mean goodbye winter layers for the time being. I've begun to keep my heavy winter coats away, which is sad because it means I won't see them until next year again, and you know how I get when we're way into summer...I start missing winter again.

Anyways, outfit-wise, my perfect winter coat and polkadot trousers. I remember wearing these same trousers around this time last year too. I thought it was still chilly outside so I over - compensated on the layers. Still cold at night though, so no biggie. Nowadays I am so into this outfit proportion, which is loose over loose. Like a boyish shape. It's just so flattering if you get it right, and no need to jut your hip here, crank your neck up other words, this was a very quick shoot where I did not need to worry about finding a pose to flatter my outfit and body.

Oh well, bring it on spring! From what I see so far this year is gonna be a major department for me, life-wise. Sigh...sometimes I wish I was a character in a book, makes it seem more definite, rather than this exist by day thing we humans got going on. It's just And I've never been one for open endings like Gone with the wind or Life of Pi. Like, after investing all your time on those characters, they end just as they started, we still don't know what happens next. Oh well, that's philosophical Chezka for the day, see you soon - Che



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