Cheerful Monotones

Blazer: c/o Udobuy// Top: Motel// Skirt: Bershka// Sunnies and bag: Forever 21// Booties: Topshop// Necklaces: Pull & Bear

Finally, bare legs and a large dose of sunshine! Please don't leave us again. I could do my happy dance all day nowadays. Well, that is, for a fraction of the day, when everything is peaches and creamy sunshiny. So, this look, bare legs and cheerful prints in black and white. It was a simple look, taken in a very crowded street in Macau. But we took it all in stride. The weather's too nice to have a bad mood.

I'm under a lot of stress lately. I think I should start meditation, but I'm not quite sure how to start. Actually what I need is a long day off. A bit of travel. My travel plans this year are underway, and I'll be telling you soon all about it. Right when I buy the flight tickets and book all the hotels. Somewhere close by, with lots of sunshine and a lot to do. Update in a few weeks?

Well, nothing much going on this week, so I'll see you soon - Che



  1. I love the colour of your blazer (and the blazer itelf) very gorge! x


  2. Oooh, this tropical print skirt is lovely! I also love what the sky blue blazer brings to this outfit

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Three cheers for sunshine! I absolutely love your skirt, and the dark lip + bright blazer perfect the look. Hopefully you de-stress soon :( And get your vacay!



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