Jacket and wedges: Asos// Sweater: Pull & Bear//Skirt: c/o Front Row Shop// Bag: Forever 21// Chain: Stradivarius

With this jacket, it's almost like I'm in another era completely.

So, this day was probably the unofficial first day of spring. It was warm and sunny, and I felt all hot in my jacket + sweater + tights combo. But what can we do? It was bearable in any case. And the weather has put me in a particularly good mood.

Anyways, isn't three so much better than one? Print-wise that is. This is my closet's latest jewel. I wish I could say it was a vintage piece, rummaged from the very bottom of some pile, or found in a flurry after sifting through one clothing hanger after the other....but no, it's not. It's an Asos piece believe it or not, and they had many designs and mashed prints. In any case I bought it months ago, but it was too cold to even consider something so light-weight. We took these photos in one of the old streets around Macau, like from a different time. Sometimes I think my little town is a little ugly, but it's charming. You'll see, if you ever visit. Ugly and charming at the same time =) Okay fine, bite me, it is pretty sometimes too.

Anyways, so how's life with me? Okay, I guess. How do you choose between two less than stellar choices? It's been going on and on in my head. To choose familiarity and benefit over comfort, or vice-versa? Is there ever a third option? Because I need one. Ugh, I'm just so burnt out. But good news is, I've been doing more of my old hobbies lately, most of all reading. I don't think I'll ever choose an e-book over real ones because there's something about the musty smell of the pages, the old-schoolness and how it feels right in your hands. I just read the Divergent series (which I had been avoiding like the plague before because it sounded too much like the Hunger Games, which I loved) but consider me pleasantly surprised =) Now I'm reading Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn. Trust me sweeties, it's a rather good read but let me finish it before putting in my two cents. It will turn into a movie soon, with one of Leon's favorite directors - David Fincher. I'd much rather go into the cinema after I have already read the book. Makes plot holes much easier to understand, and I love to nitpick. Just who I am, I guess...hehehe...how about you sweeties, read anything interesting lately? All the best! - Che



  1. Hi Chezka!!!!! i like very much this skirt. The printing of your jacket is really special. I like it a lot.
    I hope to see in my blog. Kisses,


  2. you look so cute!

  3. super cute jacket! love the texture and mix of prints!

    a possible fantasy
    if you follow me via bloglovin', please let me know so i can follow back. thank you ♥

  4. Hi Che!
    Wow, I'm in love with those prints. <3 Now this is a reason to look for some beautiful pieces at asos during the weekend ;-) Overall you did a great job in combining everything perfectly, dear!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Rathana xo FabFashionaire.com


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