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I'M WEARING>> Sweater: H&M// Jacket: Vintage Levi's via Mayonnaise Vintage// Flares: Zalora HK// Bag: Something Borrowed// Shoes: Zaful

Another day, another H&M piece du jour to style. I gravitated towards the men's collection sweaters for the CNY collection, because they were just so cool. And red, yes, mostly because of the red. Chinese New Year is coming, and with it a long break I am really looking forward to. I need shuteye, I need chill. But before all that, there's a few more days to hustle at work. I wore this outfit to work, BTW. If you remove the jacket I think it's acceptable, right? In any case my director loves this sweater and basically asked me to buy her one when it comes out, which I will,

I paired them with the best flares ever, and the best shoes ever, which I have been itching to wear again yet put it off so as not to look like I wear the same thing every time.

I know you may think I say this about every outfit, but I love this outfit, precisely because it was easy and cool. I am once again itching to wear the flares, buttttt...fine, I'll wear something else next time, like this pink faux fur jacket I just got for the cheapest price ever.

Oh, do you girls celebrate Chinese New Year? I'm what you could call a beginner mode CNY celebrator. But Leon and I are going back this year, so that's something to look forward to.

See you girls in a bit - Che



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