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There's nothing between you and the world, just your own insecurities. Happy New Year, Lovelies!

Happy New Year all my darlings! Thank you for another year of support and love for StyleChe. Wouldn't you know it but we are pushing six years now with this blog, and it has been a lot of ups and downs, rollercoaster rides, and hundreds of outfits and details. I can't wait to continue.

Anyways, this year my resolution is to take care of myself better, save funds, and generally live a more balanced lifestyle. I realised that as of this year, I will be turning 27, and I want to be in tiptop shape when I finally hit the next decade of my life. Growing old is scary, but age as a number has never much fazed me.

Okay enough existential stuff, though tell me what your resolutions are this 2017. I'm wishing for a great year. So we were in the rooftop pool of our hotel in Pattaya, gosh don't book here darlings! It's horrible. Haha. I wrote a long rant on TripAdvisor just for it, and I won't mention it here. But the rooftop had a great sky view, so that was nice! 

Anyways, more Pattaya news in another post. Love you! Enjoy the rest of the week. - Che



  1. such a lovely swimsuit! You look lovely.
    Happy 2017!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy new year beauty! :)
    May your dreams come true in this 2017!


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