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I'M WEARING>> Tee: Zalora Men// Skirt: Missguided// Shoes: Converse// Bag: Forever 21// Choker: H&M

Oh I know dears, it's summer wear, then winter wear, and now we're back to tissue-thin pieces in the dead heat of Pattaya (albeit more subdued than my regular getaway fare). December and the first week of January was a whirlwind like that. It was Thailand, followed immediately by Christmas, my goodies from various sweet people coming in right after, New Years, and now we're back again. Tee hee. Lots of things to update you. But let's finish this latest diary, shall we?

Pattaya was more miss to me than hit, unfortunately. I remember being here when I was in high school, oh some years ago, and boy did I enjoy the first time around. It was a special time in my life, my first trip with close friends as opposed to my parents.  But, as we realise when we get a little bit older, and with a paying career to travel to pretty places every year, coming back to something you loved in high school may not always get the same effect as the first time around. It was messy, it was loud. Koh Samet was a more superior Thai beach. My Khe Beach was even prettier. But it sure was nostalgic. Pattaya will always be nostalgic and dear to me, but I may not come back again anytime soon. 

Anyways, the loss of my childhood aside, for the second day in Pattaya, we decided not to hit the beach like normal tourists, but go inland to the Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens. My family and I have been anticipating this pretty place, and it did not disappoint in the pretty department. I realised I didn't like any of the tops I had brought with me (all florals and summer and shxt), so I looked into Leon's luggage, picked up this black tee, and voila! Haha. Winter was so well-ingrained in that part of my brain that dictated my fashion sense (let's call it Stylamus or Fashion-lobe) and wasn't budging with the dark colors! I was so glad to find I matched my peach skirt at least with the greenery and pillars. Nailed it, IMHO.

It was hot, though. Too hot. Sweltering. Oh and 3/4 of the Cenon Family brood came down with food poisoning, not from any food in Nong Nooch, but from the night before, making everything so uncomfortable. I was one of the unlucky ones, though I managed to haul myself out of a funk for one last romp that night back in Bangkok. Gosh this trip did not go as planned.

Anyways, do you like this outfit, lovelies? And do you agree about some places/things/people giving you the same feelings of nostalgia for the then but not the now? Let me know! - Che

P.S. Want a laugh at our expense? Then check out this travel vlog made by my sister and fellow blogger, Katee. She makes these vlogs that show you how much of a loon we are together:



  1. Gorgeous outfit! Love your style :D & to answer your question too yeah I agree some places can give a nostalgia for then rather than now, I totally get what you mean :D



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