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I'M WEARING>> Swimsuit (as top): Rosegal// Coat: Kleeaisons// Jeans: Asos// Bag: Forever 21// Boots: Monki// Choker: Stradivarius

Damn the sky in Macau today was weird. It was cool and nice, but the clouds obscured the sunshine the whole day so it was kinda dark. Anyways, I wore the outfit I've been planning to wear, regardless of the weather. I have been hunting down the perfect red coat forever (and ever, and ever), the blogger in me raging when I couldn't. You know, the fit, the length, the whole shebang. Finally found it in my go-to Korean brand over on Zalora - Kleeaisons.

Oh I know what you're thinking - "Chezka, why wear the corniest of swimsuits? As a top? In winter?" but I love myself a bit of throwback corn fashion once in a while. I was young when Baywatch was on the TV, and it was hard to hate. Tee hee. Now there's a new one, and I'm reserving judgment till I watch it. Oh and the as a top thing, well, I can't very well go swimming at a time like this. I've already got a cold, haha.

Anyways, we had a quiet Saturday, just lots of food, of walking, of nothing much at all. I don't have much to report, actually haha. RN Leon and I are revisiting 'Blade Runner' and damn, it's good, and weird. We'll be watching the new one when it comes out, mostly to compare to the original haha. I think I'll be posting the next travel post next time, so stay tuned darlings, see you soon! - Che



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