Life Imitates Art

I'M WEARING >> Trench: Spinns Harajuku// Sweater: H&M Conscious// Skirt: Zalora HK// Bag: Michael Kors// Boots: Monki// Sunnies: Yuyuan Market, Shanghai

I'm not complaining about this, but I currently have a large backlog of outfit posts and I'm working double-time to go through them all. This is the outfit I wore on Christmas day, a quiet, overcast day dedicated to coffee with the family. We did not do much. I ate. We planned on bowling (again) but it was all full (again) so we ended at Starbucks (again -.-).Yep, this was a bowling appropriate outfit in my eyes, and I would have taken all sorts of pictures in this outfit and bowling shoes.

I wanted to be loud and festive for Christmas, hence the mismatched prints, red lips, and a more than festive bag (the red and gold, sweeties). It was comfy, warm and cool.

Anyways, good thing I found this even louder art wall just some minutes away from Starbucks. It resonated to my inner aesthetic for beautiful things, something I have had since I was young and first put pen to paper. We always strive to be like art, whether it be a movie with a fairytale ending, a lovely depiction of perfect in a painting, or whatnot. I don't believe that though. The beautiful, the bad and the ugly, that's what makes life worth living. Artists always strive to make art depict life, so why would we do the opposite and strive to be art, which is only but a second of the fluidity of life?

Pshh, okay, maybe I rambled a bit there, and who am I to disagree against Oscar Wilde right? Haha.

To wrap this up, I love this outfit, this concept, the title. One post for the faves list, wouldn't you agree? Let me know in the comments below! - Che



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