Zaful | Style Cowboy

I'M WEARING>> Choker and shoes: c/o Zaful// Jacket: Levi's via Mayonnaise Vintage// Jeans: Asos// Top: Forever 21// Sunnies: Yuyuan Market, Shanghai// Bag: Zara

It's the return of the Canadian Tuxedo. I was feeling a western vibe for some reason, but I tried my best to keep it in streetstyle territory. I dunno, did I succeed? Teehee. This is the last of the early Christmas bonanza I got from Zaful, with these amazing wedges and choker. Dang. I feel so spoiled. I wore this look for the weekend, though the jeans were a little hit or miss. These jeans and I - we have a love-hate relationship, and for some reason, we're back to LOVEEEE.

Finally, the weekend commences once again. This week felt so long. Ugh. Just exactly one week to go before I leave Macau for a while and head off to our next destination: Thailand! With the family. Cost a hell of a lot more than your usual beach trip, but it's bound to be heaps of fun, since I have one of the craziest, zaniest families in the world. I can already hear the laughs.

Then project Christmas returns. I'm feeling a little less festive this year, but we'll make do. We're having a onesie party -  and I just got myself the most yellow Pikachu onesie there is. I'm planning to take pictures and post them, so let's see. How's your weekend plans looking, loves? And would you try hardware for office wear? Let me know - Che



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