Channeling Madonna

Jacket: Pull&Bear// Top and heels: Forever 21// Trousers: Asos// Necklace: Girls Inc.// Bag: Nessa

Yep, here I am channeling my inner Madonna for y'all. I didn't notice it until the moment I was going through my photos. I guess you could call it an homage of sorts - or maybe I just really love black, white and studs.

This would be the last time you would see this jacket, since one of the sleeve's leather has completely molded off. Now it is a haphazardly-cut vest. But it was my first real perfecto jacket, so it will be sorely missed. I wanted it to be the star, so just my usual basics to pair with it. These heels my mom bought for me when we had an impromptu shopping trip to Forever 21. I daresay they are the most perfectly shaped pumps I have ever owned, and they're comfortable - a win-win situation! Congratulations to me to wear this outfit the one day the evening turned super cold again.

Life has gone slow again after the intensity that was HK Fashion Week. It's nice to get back to normal, though I did hide under my covers in my PJs for a while to rejuvenate for a while, accompanied with chocolates and my newfound TV love, Glee. Yes, Glee. I just could not believe it took me this long to catch on to the hype. And now no one would talk with me about it, because it's old news. Sigh...does anyone out there like this show? Let me know, and I'll see you soon - Che



  1. Oh no!!! The jacket is a great piece! But I am sure it will also make a great vest. I love the crop top! You can rock those like none other!

  2. you look really good !

  3. Beautiful photos dear :) You're pretty

  4. What a stylish and cool look. Love it.

  5. Chezka, I must say that this Jacket would really be missed, it looks beautiful and well-structured and you are able to pull it off in a cool way! :) I also love the Forever 21 shoes, I dropped by in our branch in Bahrain and we don't have the same style.. :(

    It's not just you, I am like that as well, when we go shopping mom would ask me if I like her purchases and I will say "no" but few days after, I will borrow or get it by force (aka, steal :P). I think it's just an ingrained, logical, inexplicable yearning to be like our mothers! The scarf of your mom really looks good in this ensemble too, so the stealing thing is worth it. :)
    with love,

  6. Love the moto jacket and heels!

  7. I love this outfit so much-edgy but the pop of color from your lipstick makes it! And I do think my favorite part is your shoes... they're fabulous! :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  8. You look lovely here. Love the shade of lipstick and your shoes :).

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram


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