Fifty Shades of Red

Coatigan: Mansi// Sweater: Stradivarius// Leather skinny and Beanie: H&M// Boots: Topshop// Bag: Bershka// Ring: local store// Necklace: Forever 21


Red used to be one of those colors I was scared of. It was just so in-your-face and bright, and a little off-balance in the outfit will most probably result in a 'label'. You know, maybe Santa, Christmas, or even Cougar. But lately my outfit ideas, I notice, seem to incorporate the fierce color one way or another. Whether it was my shoes in the previous post or here via my beanie. I used to avoid beanies like the plague too, because you know, curly hair and all that. But now I've learned to celebrate the curls, and accept it as part of me. So yes to beanies!

For my outfit of the day, it was all about fighting the cold, harsh day and being comfy. Am I the only one that thinks this coatigan is amazing? Between my firetruck red beanie and leather pants (OMG leather skinnies!), I could've sent out wrong signals, but the coat makes it all look almost polished and comfy.'s all so gray. My love-hate relationship with Macau's weather continues, as it usually fogs up every time I decide to take pictures, and then give out warm sunshine every time I can't. To say I'm frustrated is an understatement!

But...not all bad news, because tomorrow, HK Fashion Week commences, so I'll probably have more stuff to show you then. But for now, do you like the colour red? Or is it a little scary?

Let me know - and I'll see you soon,

- Che


  1. I think you just nailed the red thing, plus you have lips that Angelina Jolie would be jealous of! <3

  2. The outfit looks great! I love how you played with red!
    Kisses from Mexico ♥

    Live. Laugh. Love & Make Up

  3. Very cool combination of black and red! both colors suits you well :)

  4. Your pants look so cool, and also love the beanie the color is great!

  5. Yes to beanies and red! Haha, I mentally took a snapshot of this outfit and plan on replicating it soon :)

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  6. perfect combo!

    xx, Monique

  7. Love this adorable outfit. Love how you matched the red beanie with background ! Awesome

  8. I adore red and it suits you so well! Great style! T.