Shenzhen | Double Denim

Jacket: Levi's// Jumper: Bossini Men// Skirt: Asos// Shoes: Nike Roshe Run// Bag: Nessa// Necklace: Stradivarius

Yep, I started the new year with a Canadian Tuxedo - that is, denim on denim. A simple and comfortable enough look to visit Guangzhou the day after the festivities. I wanted nothing fussy - so minimal jewelry and these new, amazing sneakers. Sigh, like walking on marshmallows. Ooh, I got a little jump shot in there too, which is an achievement, considering my face regained its composure the entire time, and did not break into giggles, because you know, jumping is fun. China is an amazing place to take pictures, because the roads are so big, and most are empty - like this train station. Oh and people don't really give a fxxk, which is good.

I've been upping my basics game lately, and after striking gold with the perfect leopard coat a few weeks ago, I got a second stroke of luck this day when I found a pair of leather skinnies on sale at H&M by complete accident. Leather skinnies! I have been searching for ages, but it's so worth it =) So see you soon? - Che



  1. I love this look! You look fabulous, you also got a great photographer.

  2. Love the look! The jumper is amazing :)
    Have a nice day ♥

  3. I really love that last photo--such a cool shoe shot! Great sneakers with the cute denim mini!

  4. Whoa, the jumping photo of you is PHENOMENAL! You're so gracefully floating in mid-air like it's no big deal...haha, wish my jump photos looked like that. Maybe I'd take more of them then xD
    Haha, way to rock the Canadian tuxedo - the different washes of denim make it work!

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    1. Hahhaah...I wish it was that easy, I was jumping for a while :) but super thanks Linda!

  5. Awesome! love the photos :)

  6. you look stunning, the basket in this color are so cool!!

  7. Oh very cute outfit!
    Lovely shoes


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