Jumpsuiting @ Fashion Extravaganza '15

Jumpsuit: Boardwalk// Coat: H&M// Perfecto and necklace: Forever 21// Shoes: Natasha// Bag: Nessa

Hi lovelies! Yep, here we are again with this year's Fashion Extravaganza, this time hosted by Audi HK. The event featured another four up and coming designers from all over the world: the geometric, super cool designs of Ground Zero (Philip and Eri Chu); the nude palettes and floaty fabrics of Loris Diran; the 70's comeback happening at Beauty Berry (Wang Yutao), and finally, the moody. dramatic designs at Lars Wallin.

This time I decided to sit through the show instead of standing (and crouching, and sitting on the floor) at the Media Area. So, just a few choice photos from each show -
It still excites me so much to see beautiful creations made by talented people. What excites me even more is seeing friends and familiar faces again, like Ira of Style Kush and Krisha of Manila-Hongkie Girl. We made the party even bigger by bringing along two of our friends with us. With this group of crazy, fun people the conversation just went on going till the wee hours - which is why I'm posting this to you at this hour.

Outfit-wise, a simple, yet striking nude jumpsuit. Because why not, right? I thought it was an amazing piece, and though it was a bit too long and with not much wear to it - I couldn't help getting it, so I did =)  Oh and two jackets. I overestimated the weather yet again.  Anyways, that's it for now. I really have to get some shut-eye. See you soon - Che



  1. Looks like an awesome runway show and a chic outfit! I love jumpsuits. Comfy as I'll get out!

    xoxx, Monica
    F&ML: Fashion And My Life

  2. You look so gorgeous, sweetheart! I love all the colors happening here....also your makeup looks beautiful as hell!
    Rathana xoxo http://fabfashionaire.com

    1. Thanks Rathana! Great to hear that my makeup skills are getting better :)


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