Understated Chic

Top: Monki// Jeans: Pull & Bear// Bag: Nessa// Shoes: Topshop// Bracelets: Pull & Bear

So, as per usual, I started our shoot by asking Leon if I looked okay or not. He said I looked good, but my outfit was not really something he thought would be 'blog-like' because it was simple. These are the times when I'm glad I have a close non-fashion person in my life. Leon sees things differently. An over-the-top outfit is just that, over-the-top, not de rigueur. And you can say that they will give you the most honest (and sometimes, brutal) comments on your outfit. 

So, it got me thinking, do I always have to look 'blog-like'? What's wrong with looking good in simple fare - you know, perfect white jeans, breton top and pops of red. Sometimes just blending in, in a good way, is awesome.

So, how are you sweeties? Did you miss me? I missed you, and I just had the most awesome mini-vacation, one I can't wait to share with you here =) Also on the agenda -- new clothes! Of course. So, I'll see you soon? - Che



  1. I so love how you pose for your style photos! I'm still practicing because sometimes I look just weird and not cool as you do. haha :D any tips? ;)

    This outfit is truly understated chic - love how you paired the top + jeans with the berry bag and shoes! Just a perfect match.

    Rathana xo ✪FabFashionaire.com

    1. Hi Rathana, first of all thanks! About posing, well, it's very much about practice. I sometimes stand in front of the mirror, trying different poses with an outfit before I go out.

      Also, I let Leon take a few shots while I pose differently each time, and then I check the pictures...if I find a pose I like, I do it a few more times :)

    2. Good tips, thank you :) I'll definitely try them out (especially in front of the mirror). xoxo
      Rathana xo

    3. Good tips, thank you :) I'll definitely try them out (especially in front of the mirror). xoxo
      Rathana xo

  2. You know, I faced this dillemma just a few days ago. I was shooting an OOTD for my blog when my photographer stopped and asked me, "Do you really want to blog this outfit? It's so simple..."

    That got me thinking.... Are we just supposed to blog "extravagant" outfits, those that we call "blog-worthy"? I think not. I think we should blog ALL of our outfits -- the simple ones AND the not-so-simple ones. I think it makes fashion bloggers more relatable to the general public since "normal" everyday people don't usually dress up when they're just, say, going to the mall or something.

    And your outfit may be simple but I think you still look fabulous! I love you bag (A LOT!) and those shoes <3



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