Golden Hour

Top: Motel// Blazer: Pull & Bear// Shorts: GV2// Shoes: New Look// Sunnies, Bracelets and Wallet: Stradivarius// Ring: local store

An outfit to beat the heat, as they say. Crop tops and high - waist shorts make a perfect combination, don't you think? Blazer for the evenings too, though, to tell you the truth, with the heat Macau is having, I almost didn't wear it. Anyways, yep, I know I'm predictable but these were taken today, which is my off day. I had a particularly awesome afternoon, going out with my sister, Kate, getting some errands done, sipping green tea macchiatos (an amazing drink I tell you) and doing a little shopping. Oh, and pictures just at sunset for the beautiful light.

I noticed that finally I can focus on getting crazy, zany pieces again now that I've gotten on top and bought all my perfect basics. Case in point, these shorts that feature naked Givenchy, isn't it? It's made of extremely breezy neoprene. Oh yes, still rocking the neoprene trend, one of my favorites of the sporty streetwear trends. Paired with my go-to print, stripes, and sandals. Also featured? The Chanel-esque ring I just bought and thought, hmmm...matches my outfit! Hahahahahah I love how perfectly simple yet eye-catching it is, worth it for sure! Anyways, I'm gonna be a zombie soon, so I'll see you! - Che



  1. I love it, dear! I currently have a style post up featuring a crop top, too! :) Cute ring!
    Rathana xo ✪

  2. Summer is the perfect time for crazy, zany pieces! Love this outfit - you mixed two eclectic prints so perfectly! You look stunning!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  3. Love those sunglasses! You look so edgy and fashionista hehe:)
    xo Olivia

  4. Yeah, designer chic for less. Looking out of control my dear Che! Hope you are well :). The weather has been crazy hot in the Netherlands as well. The nights seem even hotter, no blazers for me for a long time hihi.


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  5. Aww, lucia, doing extremely well :) Oh well, I wore it for a while but it is so hot here too!


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