Tee: Zara TRF// Jeans and wedges: Forever 21// Bag: Monki// Necklace: Gift from parents// Sunnies: Stradivarius

I honestly don't know how this look can exude 'effortlessness' but to me, that's what it felt like. I was having my morning coffee out on the balcony, wondering about life as per usual, when I saw these wedges on the shoe rack. Last time I wore them was probably in 2012, then they were just forgotten. I started thinking how good they would look with my plaid jeans, and how they match my new leopard bag from Monki. Hence, tada!

It was effortless because it did not require much thought. I looked once in the mirror and then walked out the door, very confident in how I looked. A few years back if someone asked me what my personal style was, I would probably freeze, because I don't know. I wore what was trendy, and what would get a reaction out of my followers on the blog. But now, it's different.

I know who I am, fashion-wise. It's a mix of streetstyle pieces, basics and that 'Chezka' touch -  Mixed prints and bright colors. Nope I'm not all tough looking, not all girly, not all minimal, but a collection with a touch of me. It's nice to know, really. Makes dressing up in the morning a blast.

How about you sweeties, tell me what you think of your personal style. I'm curious to know how you would describe it. Let's talk style! So see you soon - Che



  1. Cute outfit! Love the pants! I always wanted a pair but I don't think I can pull them off!

    The Cassie Paige

    1. Thank you Cassie, and I think you can pull them off fine :) They're very versatile!

  2. Chic look, love the colors! And the bag is so cute. Ooh I don't know how I would describe my style, I think I don't have a particular one - it just depends on my mood ;) I really like to integrate some luxury pieces in my outfits.
    Rathana xo ✪FabFashionaire.com

  3. Such a gorgeous look!! I am in love with your curls! <3

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  4. Ahhh I am in loveeee with your leopard bag and those plaid pants! <3


  5. Perfect pants sweetie and I really love your leopard bag :)


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