Top, shorts and sneakers: local stores// Jacket: Tom Tailor (vintage)// Backpack: The Gift Shop

So, I think I told you gals that I was going on a mini-holiday to HK for a little R&R. Well, that's what I got. Two days without any plans or responsibilities. We were free to eat ramen at 12a.m (waited in line for an hour for that damn ramen noodles), go shoe-shopping in the famous sneaker street, and walk aimlessly around with just Google Maps to guide us.

Did you ever go on a trip where one place is the only thing you can think about? How different Stanley Street looked from the Hong Kong we were accustomed to made it such a formidable presence in my mind. I don't remember much the feverish sale shopping or the usual concrete streets and alleyways of the city, but this little seaside town sticks out in my memory. Actually, we had no idea what would be there when we decided to go. I remember seeing it on TV with Leon the last time we were in HK and saying, let's go there someday. For all I know it wasn't that pretty. Well it was, like a lost, picturesque town in the middle of HK nowhere.

Also above, some pictures from our hotel, Hotel Lan Kwai Fong. While it didn't have much difference from other hotels I've been to, one thing did register with me, and that was the awesome viewing window, complete with a little coffee table for your morning relalxation needs. I am so copying this if I get a house, hopefully I can get a great view too =)

Anyways, of course I always have time for a little shopping too. Expect a lot of barely there crops and bright bottoms for the next post (yep, an actual haul post after all this time coming up!)  so I'll see you soon? Oh, and where are you going this summer? Let me know! - Che



  1. Beautiful photos! I've been to Hong Kong a couple of years ago, but it was just at the airport and we had sushi for dinner there :) So yummie. Cool sneakers, can't wait to see your haul post! :-)
    Rathana xo ✪

  2. This outfit is so casual and perfect! It sounds great for the adventures you were going on.
    Also, this week is Prom Week on my blog! If you are interested, feel free to send in a picture of you in your prom dress or if you didn't have a prom, a picture of you in a beautiful gown you have worn in the past. (The directions are at the bottom of my latest post.) If you do, your picture will be featured on my blog on Friday! I would absolutely love to see your picture so please do consider:) Thank you so much and I hope you have a great day.
    xo Olivia

    1. Awww thanks Olivia :) I will try my best to find one and then send it to you, hope you enjoy prom week :)

      - Che

  3. lovely photos!! I like your outfit too especially the shorts ♥ ♥

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