Mix your prints

Hi lovelies! As you can see from the title above, today I mixed two prints in my usual fashion - the not-so-subtle way I have always done (see here) - Yes, I know color-blocking is the trend today, and although I am thinking of a color block outfit, I will always be a fan of mixing prints, because it makes any simple outfit not so simple just by being printed!

This blazer I have posted before, but don't fret if you haven't seen it because it is one of the deleted posts, so technically, no one's seen it! But to clue you all in, my mom bought this for me when we were shopping together, I love it! but I haven't been wearing it very often because it is to thin for winter and I tend not to wear blazers once the sun comes up in the sky - but I guess I'll have to crank up my heat tolerance level if I want to wear it out more! It's such a beautiful blazer!

Next stop : colour-blocking! Oh and I've recently gotten some awards from fellow readers! will post soon!
Till next post my dear readers! happy blogging!

xx Kisses xx

- Che


Blazer : Image
Top : thrifted
Shorts & boots : red market
Bag : Sunstar




  1. I'm not brave enough to mix prints, I like simple and one colour pieces :)

  2. i love the outfit and your shoes are amazing :)

  3. FUN blog!!! i am yet to own a print blazer like yours very pretty!!!



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