Yeah, so recently, after hearing CarlaViolet gush over her new fave blogger: Andy of Style Scrapbook, I decided to check it out, and let's just say I fell in love with her style..I had already known of Andy from my lookbook account but never actually visited her blog. I noticed that she loved to wear all different sorts of maxi skirts and I was like, dammn, I gotta try that - except I don't own any long skirts. So for this post, I used a dress instead - the sheer effect of it really got to me. It is too long for me as a dress so I don't wear it, till I saw it when I was rummaging for a maxi skirt...I think I bought it because I love the color! It's really pretty -

Since I started blogging, I have come to like many bloggers and search their sites for inspiration, but today I also want to share with all of you my all -time favorite blogger, which is Betty A of leblogdebetty...I just really like how she chooses individual pieces, mixes them and always looks so effortless eventhough she's wearing a lot in one outfit. She's like my main source of blogger inspiration, and I always go back to her to look for something to yeah, I just wanted to share that with you all...

Anyways, I think this may be my last post wearing anything long-sleeved for a while; you see, I have a very, very, very low tolerance level where heat is concerned and I simply cannot wear anything that would make me feel hot, or else I start becoming irritable - I told you I didn't like summer that much...

Anyways, till next time my lovelies! happy reading!

x kisssssssses x

- Che


Sweater : Forever 21
Skirt : thrifted dress
Wedges : Sunstar
Cuff : KM/PP - my shop
Bag : CarlaViolet's (Pull & Bear)




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