Yellow & Lace

Hey lovelies! I don't think I could really further explain how much I like to alter my clothes. Actually, my room is filled to the brim with clothes - a closet for my day-to-day wear, another closet for seasonal clothes, and finally, a drawer + plastic bags filled with dresses, tops, cloth and whatnot that are either broken, outdated, misfitting, or just plain ugly. They sit there, waiting for either me or my sister to pick them out and sew them into something new.

Which brings us to this post today. These jeans are just some grey jeans that I bought eventhough, for some reason, I hated the stone wash it had, and hence, barely wore. So one day, after a fit of boredom + seeing this post from my favorite blogger, Betty A, I decided to just snip off the entire area that had the wash on it, from the upper thigh to below the knee, and then I just left it on the to-alter pile till about a week ago, when  I saw a gothic long-sleeved dress in the same pile. It has never been worn because it did not fit my bust area at all. And then I knew what to do, I ripped the sleeves off, sew it to the jeans and the result is thus:

The rest of the dress, particularly the skirt part, is now a tutu skirt I will be showing one of these days.

My days have been better lately, mostly because the sun is now a semi-permanent fixture in Macao's sky, not just a passing fancy anymore...oh and because I recently partied with my AJ crewmates and had a blast!...I'll post it soon!

I've been oddifying quite a lot lately so there's still a few things I wanna show you, although maybe not anytime soon...

But I will post something soon! promise!

Till next time, lovelies

xx kisses xx

- Che


 Top : MPT (Carla's shop)
Jeans : Viva from Cantwo & altered
Bag : Zara
Shoes : Red Market




  1. Love that jeans! :)

  2. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog i love your hair and jeans! wicked!!!

  3. those jeana are amazing, I want them!

  4. I made them, dear :)

    Thanks everyone for liking them :)

    - Che

  5. I love your yellow top.


  6. ohmygosh! you're amazing dear! i love your whole outfit! the jeans and boots super gorgeous :)

  7. you look good<3
    i loveeeee your jeans and bag! @___@


  8. Those shoes!! Cute...

    All the best, Angel

  9. I super love this getup gurrr... Love how you got all the pieces together... :))

  10. I LOVE IT Che!! You look so pretty!! And yellow's just soo summer-y!! ♥


    Just a bit of Eurica ♥

  11. Gotte say, that I didn't like Betty's jeans, even though I love her style. Anyways, your way of taking this idea, and turning into something new, is just great! Very creative and worthy to imitate :-)
    Thanks for sharing!


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