Hippy Jumpsuit Girl

Recently I purchased a new item from Carla Violet's shop (MPT): This rad polka dot jumpsuit, which I can use both as a jumpsuit and trousers! For my first try at it I kept it simple with basic - coloured accesories in gray and taupe.

Also new in this outfit : my new F21 wedges, which I did not buy in F21 but from a local shop here in Macao (In a Row - Ginza plaza) that ships in clothing and shoes from different places (Aldo, Charlotte Russe and multiple Japanese brands)!! So awesome! I have my eye on their Japanese - branded heeled galoshes - the most beautiful rainboots I have ever seen - hope I get to own them :(

And finally, the turband is also somewhat new - it was a hat I never used, so I cut off the front of it (the lips? tongue? of the hat) and wear it backside - front. Yay! turband! I've wanted one of these since a year ago! Oh and the cardigan is also altered - it used to be a v-neck shirt! I don't think I need to explain more on this fascination of mine to cutting up clothing...

It is finally getting warmer and sunnier in Macao (hence the beautiful lighting on these photos)! I was starting to wonder if it would ever become summer here - but the worst is not over yet - predictions say it will start raining again :( oh no, how bad would that be, especially where I work (it is open-aired), but I'm hoping for the best (hmm...I really need those galoshes)

Love this jumpsuit, can't wait to wear them as pants - I'll post it here, of course :) till then my lovely readers, happy blogging! kisses!

- Che -


Jumpsuit : MPT (Carla's shop)
Blazer & turband : altered
Shoes : Forever 21 (bought at 'In a Row' Ginza Plaza)
Nail polish : Anna Sui
Ring : my shop (K/P)




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