Rebel With A Cause

I know what y'all are thinking : Chezka, why are you wearing one of the most overrated icons in history as your shirt?? Well, lovely lovelies, the reason is not because I suddenly had the urge to follow the trend but because we share the same name! Che - my nickname - so yeah! and also, he represents what the important matter of this post is - Me, believe it or not, being 'rebellious'

I had been hinting in the recent posts about cutting off my hard-earned long curls. Well, I'm finally going to post how it looks, and then some, here, because you would have to see it sooner or later...

But before I unleash the horror in its entirety - I would first like to explain why I did what I did; it was simple really, and I think you already know - I was bored. Yes, lovelies, bored. My hair had been growing out for three years in the same boring cut and Macao's weather was rendering it all crap-tacularly yeah, I decided to chop it off.

The stylists at the salon (Base) told me they needed to straighten it out first, because apparently they didn't know where the roots ended and the ends began anymore. So below is what I looked like with straight hair (for a day):

See this second picture?? - yes, I asked for bangs.And I did not straighten them afterwards, just cut. Can you imagine this hair shorter?? and a whole lot curlier??

Tada! meet my new hair. We have a love-hate relationship right now, because while I love it secretly, I am still shy of publicizing it...and for good reason (Superrfriends, if you love me, you will not laugh when you see this)

Personally, though, I like the change. I just have to get the hang of it first. Okay, enough ranting, here's one of my recent outfits featuring this new do:

I was feeling the rebellious mood so I kept it all black with pops of brown - I am becoming addicted to brown - especially since my job might turn me to chocolate in the next couple of months :)

Rebel with a cause. 

So, what do you guys think? Should I start wearing a wig?? let me know, k?

Till next time, lovelies!
- Che -

On an unrelated note, I just bungy-jumped for the third time yesterday - the harness jump. It was so fast but it was totally worth it! Pics up soon - that adds to my rebelliousness, eh? no?


Leather jacket : Sisi
Tee : local tee shop
Skirt : altered
Wedges : Forever 21 (In a row)
Bag: thrifted




  1. I love the shirt! It is too bad sooo many people wore it for awhile, but I was just in Cuba this winter, and Che was a pretty amazing man! Lovely outfit ;)
    xo Cara

  2. And yes, you did the bangs! Kaloka ka gurr! You looked like lady gaga in one of the photos. Uyy. Haha! Love the shoes BTW! ♥


    Just a bit of Eurica ♥

  3. I think Che was pretty amazing and I think your hair is too!! The cut looks really great. I also love your tights, they are awesome! I'm a new follower now =) Come follow me back!

    xo, allie

  4. Thanks everyone, I really couldn't resist buying the shirt! and thanks for liking my hair, I've been hiding it for a long time now, and I've got bruises to prove that! -

    Allie dear, welcome to my blog!


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